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About Sarah Swift

Sarah Swift produces lucid and accurate translations from German into English of academic research in the social sciences and the humanities as well as translations from the crossover area between this research and its practical application and dissemination in contexts such as the education sector, policy advice and communication in museums.


  • Sarah Swift

    Sarah Swift


    Sarah Swift is a full-time freelance translator who grew up on the west coast of Ireland. English is her first language, and she is a graduate of NUI Galway, where she studied German. She has taught English and German at school and university level in Ireland and in Germany and now works as a translator with particular interests in education and research in Bamberg, Germany. @stazinaeri

    When I first became self-employed, I thought working for myself would mean using my own initiative to solve every problem. Nothing could be further from the truth – five years in, I’m surrounded by a strong network of translator colleagues and people working in related fields. I enjoy being able to help colleagues out and knowing I can count on their support when I need a sounding board or hit a technical glitch. I blog and tweet together with local translator colleagues in Upper Franconia at Dolmetscher und Übersetzer in Oberfranken.

Bamberg (looking from the gardening quarter towards the Old Town)

Bamberg is famous for its beer brewing, wine-growing and market gardening traditions, but also boasts fine libraries which can be a translator's lifesaver at times.