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At S Swift Translation, I appreciate your interest in my translation services (from German to English) in the areas of research in the humanities and the social sciences, education, academic policy advice and museum communication.

Contacting S Swift Translation

You can use the contact form below to contact me, or you can send an e-mail directly to sarah@s‑ Would you like me to get back to you by e-mail, or to give you a ring?

Have you already had a look at how I approach translation and translation projects?

I translate only from German into English, but feel free to enquire about other language combinations – it is quite likely that I will be able to refer you on to a competent partner from my network.

Would you like a quotation for a specific project?

I can send you a precise quotation more quickly if you attach the text you would like to have translated and include as much information as you can with your initial enquiry. The following points may be relevant:

  • Deadline
    Do you need the translation by a particular date?
  • File version
    Is the text you have sent me the final version, or still likely to change?
  • File format
    Do you need the translation in a different file format to the file you have sent me to look at?
  • Reference material
    Does any relevant reference material exist, for example texts in the same field that have already been translated, or a project glossary or in-house terminology list?
  • Style guides and formatting specifications
    Are specific style guidelines or a specific format template to be applied?
  • Target group
    What defines the target audience for the translation?
  • Use
    In what media format will the translation reach its target audience – in print, online, or as an audio or video recording?

A note on pricing

Rates vary depending on the time required for a translation, which in turn depends on multiple factors including the length of the text, the degree of linguistic and subject-specific complexity it presents, and technical details such as whether the text (and any graphics it may contain) are in a format that can readily be edited. I appraise each project individually and provide customers with an exact quotation as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours of receiving a text and being asked for a quotation).

As a rough guide: my pricing starts from €0.18 per word or €1.40 per line.

I look forward to hearing from you and to discovering more about your project! Feel free to contact me using the contact form or the e‑mail address given below.